The Road to the Dollhouse

Hey dolls!! How are y’all doing? Good I hope. Thanks for coming back and checking in. In today’s blog I want to share my experience thus far on my journey to building my million dollar business, Bronze Doll (I gotta speak it into existence, where my manifest kings and queens at 👀👀👀).

For those that know me know I LOVE to shop. I can shop for anything literally. I even look forward to grocery shopping. So owning a boutique was a obvious choice for me. This journey all began at my Alma mater YouTube university (where my alumni at LOL). For weeks I kept seeing videos of women entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and encouraging others to join them in the entrepreneurial lifestyle. At first I was like, that’s too much work and I don’t think I can afford it. Then I ran across THE video that validated to me that starting a online boutique was doable and for me. Once I saw that video I began asking for guidance. Everything just seem to fall into place. I found a network of women on Facebook that give knowledge and advice willingly and for FREE. The name Bronze Doll came to me and boom things just started to follow. I was off to the races. 

After taking all the necessary legal steps; LLC, sellers permit, bank account etc I was ready for business I just needed clothes and customers 😹😹😹. Now where to get both? Finding the clothes was easy, as a professional shopper I had no problems in that department but finding customers was and is something that I’m still working at. So if you see me posting nonstop about Bronze Doll on my personal pages go shop my site LOL. I promise you’ll love it but remember I’m a artist and I’m sensitive about my site so y’all be nice. 

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