How to: Pack for Vacation

Time for A Vacation

This year we are living our best lives Charity so we booked that trip and are beyond ready to go. Now what to pack? If you're anything like us packing is the most stressful part of going on a trip. What do you bring? What can you do without? What will you be doing while you're there? The questions go on and on. So like any sensible person you pack for any occasion now your bag is 70 pounds :(  To help lighten the load literally check out these tips. 

Packing 101 Charity's Ways

When packing for a trip a checklist is a great tool to help you stay organized and not over pack. Write down what activities you'll be doing like dinner, partying, or swimming then pick two options for each activity. 
Shoes. Packing too many shoes can literally overload you. A good way to not pack too many but still feel like you have options is to select three pairs that go with at least 3 of your outfit choices. 
Carry on or personal item. What's the personal item to pack? We LOVE carrying a backpack as the personal item because it's a one stop shop for any possible need. Checked bag over weight? Put that item is your backpack. Worried your items will spill out on the plane or when going through TSA? Backpacks zip up so no worries here. 

Packing 101: What to Pack?

Traveling to a warmer climate? Maxi, midi, and mini dresses are a must. 
Traveling to a mild climate like the southwest? t-shirts and leggings will be your bestie. 
Traveling to a party town? Body con and shoulders are what's on the menu. 

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