How to: Look Slimmer in Your Clothes

You know the saying, when you look good you feel goodt with a t LOL. Getting dressed can already be a challenge and then when you add possible body changes like weight loss or gain before you know it you ain't going no where. That stops here. Here are some tips and tricks to look slimmer in your clothes. 

Is your stomach giving you the blues?

Conceal that bad boy with some ruching. Ruching draws the eye towards the narrow parts of your body. Our Scarlet, Layla, and Zaundra styles will give you this concealing effect. 


Figure need some balance?

High waist is your bestie. High waist styles cut your midsection in half giving the illusion of a smaller/flatter tummy. Our styles Audrey, Selena, and Chelsea will have you stunting. 

Want to smooth your whole body?

Texture is the way to go. Be sure to pay attention to the fabric of styles. Our styles Rea and Lea have smoothing fabrics that flatter your body. The texture of our Avery set is also smoothing that will compliment your frame. 

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